Seamless online booking for Tripleseat

More parties, less effort. Use GamePlan together with Tripleseat to convert more visitors and increase sales with online direct booking for your large parties & events.

A streamlined booking experience - for you AND your guests

GamePlan allows you to accept bookings online with instant price estimates & real-time availability. Use it to book standard packages and repeat business, or let guests start building their ideal event before getting in touch. You’ll save time, while your guests get a better pre-sales experience.

Event portal for your website

Let guests view rooms & menus, check availability, generate price estimates, and book online with a credit card deposit – on your own website.

Policies applied automatically

Minimums, deposits, fees, substitutions? Prices vary by date, time, guest count, or length? Use your rules to calculate instant, accurate price estimates.

Easy integration with Tripleseat

Sync availability with your Tripleseat calendar in real-time, and view new reservations & inquiries from GamePlan directly in Tripleseat.

Frequently asked questions

How exactly does GamePlan work?

GamePlan provides a branded, guest-facing portal for you to display your event offerings and accept online bookings. We provide widgets to place on your website that links to your event portal and allows visitors to check for availability, or you may link to your portal directly.

The event portal is hosted by GamePlan and showcases your rooms, menus, and other event information in an easy and intuitive interface. Visitors can customize their event to get an instant price estimate, then book online with a credit card deposit or send an inquiry with their estimate attached.

My venue has complex policies for events. Can we still use GamePlan?

Yes! GamePlan is designed to work with a wide variety of complex policies for minimums, deposits, fees, and substitutions, etc. Prices are dynamically quoted based on many factors such as date/time, guest count, duration, room, and advance notice. You can also enforce policies such as final menu/guest count deadline, cancellation period, and deposit timing.

Your account manager will work with you during onboarding to ensure your policies are accurately entered and automatically applied when generating price estimates and accepting bookings.

Can I collect contracts and deposits through GamePlan?

Yes! Guests must provide a credit card in order to make an event reservation through your portal. You can set up deposits to automatically be drawn upon confirmation, or manually charge the card on file via your venue dashboard.

GamePlan currently uses Stripe and BluePay to securely handle payment processing. Please note: for security reasons, we cannot share credit card information with the Tripleseat system, so any manual charges must be made via the GamePlan venue dashboard.

Every guest must electronically agree to your terms in order to submit a reservation. Standard terms, such as final menu/guest count deadline, are generated automatically from the event details. You may also add custom terms to be displayed depending on the room/menu selected.

The agreement and credit card guarantee required for booking are sufficient for your terms to be legally binding, However, you may elect to send a separate contract for signing through Tripleseat after the booking is made. An event will automatically be created in Tripleseat, so you can easily create and send your document from there.

How does the integration between GamePlan and Tripleseat work?

The integration ensures your events and availability are always up to date in both systems. Any tentative and definite events created in Tripleseat will automatically block the appropriate room’s availability in GamePlan. In addition, reservations and inquiries created from GamePlan are automatically inserted into Tripleseat as events and leads, respectively. The event/lead page in Tripleseat will contain a link to manage the corresponding entry in your GamePlan venue dashboard.

What do I have to do in GamePlan vs in Tripleseat?

As of now, the only action you must take in the GamePlan venue dashboard is accepting/declining new bookings. Don’t worry – you’ll receive an email for each booking with a link to accept/decline. We are working to provide this functionality directly within the Tripleseat interface.

Basic information about each booking is available within the Tripleseat event that is automatically created. Once you accept a booking through GamePlan, no further action is required since it is a confirmed reservation. However, you may choose to communicate with the guest as you normally would from the Tripleseat interface.


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